UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

Modern Slavery Statement of ALPS ALPINE EUROPE GmbH (formerly known as ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE GmbH)

Fiscal Year 2020/2021

As president of this company, I want everyone to know that we at ALPS ALPINE EUROPE GmbH understand and are aware that slavery is not an issue of historic times or restricted to certain countries, but a crime which is still happening today and a global problem, which doesn’t stop at any nation’s border. Therefore, we are committed to keep any form of slavery out of our business as well as our supply chains.

This Modern Slavery Statement applies to all of our business and the conduct of all people or legal entities with whom we work. It is our first and foremost goal not to do business with companies that violate human rights.

ALPS ALPINE EUROPE GmbH currently has nine sales offices in Germany (4), England (2), Sweden, France and Italy and a manufacturing site in Germany. We are a fully owned subsidiary of ALPS ALPINE CO., LTD, which is based in Tokyo, Japan.
As part of the Alps Alpine Group, with its various manufacturing sites, R&D centers and sales offices all around the world, we service our customers in a wide range of markets, mainly automotive, consumer electronics, home appliances, mobile devices, healthcare, energy and industrial machinery.

Company philosophy
Alps Alpine's business approach follows five basic rules:

- pursuit of value
- harmony with nature
- partnership with customers
- fair management
- respect for the individual

We are fully aware of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Therefore, we continuously maintain strong CSR activities and have implemented various policies to achieve our goals.

Our diverse workforce is of varying nationalities, languages, cultures and customs. We believe it is of the utmost importance that our employees can interact freely in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding and can develop into creative, independent-minded professionals.

Our procurement policy is to strive for a sustainable, mutual development with our suppliers and establish a relationship of cooperation and trust, based on fairness and sincerity. Not only do we ask all of our suppliers to follow our standards for safe and environmentally friendly products, but we also aim to neither purchase nor use any products or materials from companies violating human rights.

For more information on our various CSR policies and activities, please click the following link:

Actions taken against modern slavery in FY 2020/2021
We have zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking in any form and we expect everyone in our supply chain to share this attitude. However, we also are aware that we cannot entirely control the actions of individuals and other legal entities. Therefore, our aim is to continuously improve our processes to fight modern slavery.

Our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, which every supplier has to adhere to, contain provisions prohibiting any form of forced labour as well as other human rights violations.

Creating awareness is a small, yet very important step. In Fiscal Year 2020/2021, I once again have expressly addressed the topic of modern slavery, and how to detect signs of modern slavery, in a special message to all employees and reminded them to remain alert and vigilant at all times and report any suspected or actual violations within our supply chain without hesitation.

To do this, every employee can make use of our “Ethics Hotline”, which we have maintained for several years already to give employees an easy and timely way to bring issues to the Management’s attention for swift and immediate counteraction.

Adhering to the law and our company policies as well as the existence of our Ethics Hotline is also part of our regular CSR training sessions. These are included among the mandatory induction trainings for all new employees joining ALPS ALPINE EUROPE GmbH, so that we can make sure every employee acquires this information right from the start.

This statement is made pursuant of section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the financial year ending 31st of March 2021.


Wilfried Baumann