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Wilfried Baumann

From 1st October 2020, Alps Alpine Europe and ALPINE Electronics Europe have joined forces and merged into ALPS ALPINE EUROPE GmbH. Having merged into one new legal entity, we are a start-up company with some 40 years of experience in the European market and about 1.2 billion euros revenue per year and feel very well positioned to serve our valued customers in Europe in these challenging times marked by great changes. Combining the widely recognized competency of ALPS in Human Machine Interface (HMI), Connectivity and Sensoring™ technologies with the Software and System Integration capabilities of ALPINE, we are able to provide our customers unique solutions and thus help create sophisticated products to meet the demands in the market. Firmly established with as many as 10 sales offices in Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Sweden as well as 4 highly sophisticated manufacturing plants in Germany, Ireland, Hungary and Czech Republic, we offer a comprehensive and efficient network to create, manufacture and deliver state of the art products to Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Mobile Devices, Home Appliance, Healthcare, IoT, Energy and Industrial markets in Europe. Using our local presence for building close partnerships with our customers, we strive to develop innovative custom products so that we always provide the best electronic components.

Our products may not always be directly visible to their users, but they play vital roles in many items used by people every day. Our focus is on 3 key areas: Input, Computing, Output.

Core technologies to create great products in these key areas are Sound Processing, Display Integration, Software Integration, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Sensoring™ and Connectivity/Communication. In today’s highly connected world and era of IoT, sensor and connectivity technologies will be increasingly used not only for Human Machine interaction, but also for Machine to Machine communication. Combining these core technologies and advancing the integration of sound, visual experience, electronics and networks, we can offer smart and innovative solutions that enhance safety, comfort and sustainability in today’s connected society.

Focusing our research and development on these 3 key areas, we have managed to create a wide range of new, solution-based products for our core markets. We serve the smartphone market with a diverse product line-up centred on the HMI domain and constantly develop novel proposals for the wearable devices and healthcare market, as well as driving the evolution of resource- and power-efficient communication modules and sensors for smart networks in the energy-related domain. For the automotive market, we focus on the development of custom modules with a high added value in the HMI and connectivity (communication) fields where we can draw on our experience acquired in the HMI development for consumer devices. Powerful computing systems for Car Infotainment combined with High End Sound Systems and ADAS functions help our customers to create a comfortable cabin experience for drivers and passengers as well as provide more safety for next-generation vehicles serving “tomorrow’s mobility needs”.

To ensure responsible and environmentally friendly supply chains, we strongly adopted the “Made in Market” principle and manufacture most of our products sold in Europe in our 4 European manufacturing plants. We strive to combine continuous efforts in saving energy as well reduction of emissions with our unique “monozukuri” production style to guarantee sustainable operations. Being an integral part of the worldwide ALPS ALPINE manufacturing network, our global standards for highest quality and continuous improvement are at the very heart of the European manufacturing operations.

Building on the combined strength of our strong local capabilities in engineering, manufacturing and customer service and the access to the global network of ALPS ALPINE, I am very confident that we can enhance our product offering and service to our customers here in Europe. As ALPS ALPINE EUROPE, we are strongly determined to continue the successful long-term partnership with our customers here in Europe thereby realising our corporate motto “Perfecting the Art of Electronics”.

Yours sincerely

Wilfried Baumann

Note: Alps Electric Europe GmbH changed its name to Alps Alpine Europe GmbH on 1st April 2020.

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