Investor Relations

Message from the CEO

 The electronics industry was sluggish overall during the first six months of fiscal 2020 (the year ending March 31, 2021) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the automotive sector, the volume of new car sales worldwide decreased despite continued momentum in development for the CASE domains, while the consumer (and others) sector experienced a drop in global smartphone sales.
 At Alps Alpine, development of sensing technology to support next-generation vehicle platforms was advanced within the automotive business of the electronic components segment. In consumer (and other) business, sales of control devices for game consoles and PCs increased on the back of stay-home demand due to the pandemic and the many other developments included a proposal for a touchless control panel with hygiene benefits.
 In the automotive infotainment segment, efforts were made to speed up development of products for our Digital Cabin lineup resulting from synergies with the electronic components segment. In the logistics segment operated by Alps Logistics Co., Ltd., new large-scale automated facilities were introduced while activity to establish and enhance bases and networks continues.
 Without any clear indication of when the COVID-19 pandemic might end, our lifestyles are transforming as we gravitate toward a new normal. In the corporate world, too, teleworking has quickly taken hold as a valid work style. It is within this environment that Alps Alpine intends to intensify efforts toward attainment of our ITC101 mid-term target, planning structural reform of management involving acceleration of business integration synergies and promotion and advancement of “One Alps Alpine,” as well as structural reform of costs that will reduce costs by \22 billion this fiscal year.