Supply Chain Management

Basic Policy on Sustainable Procurement

 The Alps Alpine Group maintains fairness in its dealings with suppliers and seeks to build trusting cooperative relationships based on underlying sincerity. Attentive to safety and environmental concerns, we also implement initiatives alongside suppliers, thereby helping to bring about a sustainable society through the supply chain.
 To enable all this, we have put in place a procurement policy, a set of green procurement standards, and guidelines for responsible business conduct.

Alps Alpine Material Procurement Policy

Open and fair Alps Alpine selects the best suppliers from a global perspective, regardless of the size of the purchase, after making fair comparisons and assessments of areas including quality, cost and delivery.
Legal compliance Alps Alpine engages in fair and proper transactions with suppliers, attaching importance to not only applicable national laws, rules and regulations, but also common business practice.
Green procurement Alps Alpine seeks to support efforts to preserve the global environment and manage hazardous or restricted substances with a potentially detrimental effect on society or individuals, establishing the Green Procurement Standards, which are deployed and implemented with the cooperation of suppliers.
Partnership Alps Alpine endeavors to build trust-based relationships of mutual advantage with suppliers through partnership.

Green Procurement Standards

Green Procurement Standards Standards for selection of suppliers (standards for environmental evaluation of companies)
Standards for selection of materials purchased (standards for evaluation of parts and materials) – Evaluation of individual items purchased

Green Procurement Standards [PDF] Appendix 1: Environmental Evaluation Standard on Companies [PDF]
Appendix 2: List of Substances [PDF]
Appendix 3: Prohibited Substances from Use in Production Process [PDF]
Appendix 4:
Four Heavy Metal Thresholds and Management Classifications [PDF]
Appendix 5:
Investigation Procedures on Product-containing Substances [PDF]

Alps Alpine Responsible Corporate Action Guidelines (Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct)

1.Human rights and labor
  1. Prohibition of forced labor
  2. Prohibition of child labor and considerations regarding young workers
  3. Considerations regarding working hours
  4. Appropriate pay and allowances
  5. Prohibition of inhumane treatment
  6. Prohibition of discrimination
  7. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
2.Health and safety
  1. Occupational safety
  2. Emergency preparedness
  3. Occupational injury and illness
  4. Industrial hygiene
  5. Considerations regarding physically demanding work
  6. Machine safeguarding
  7. Facility health and safety
  8. Health and safety communication
  9. Worker health care management
  1. Environmental permits and reporting
  2. Reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Air emissions
  4. Water management
  5. Effective use of resources and waste management
  6. Chemical substance management
  7. Management of chemical substance content in products
4.Fair trade and ethics
  1. Corruption prevention
  2. Prohibition of abuse of dominance
  3. Prohibition of improper advantage
  4. Appropriate information disclosure
  5. Respect for intellectual property
  6. Fair business
  7. Whistleblower protection
  8. Responsible sourcing of minerals
  9. Prohibition of conflicts of interest
5.Quality and safety
  1. Ensuring product safety
  2. Quality management
  3. Provision of accurate product and service information
6.Information security
  1. Cyber security
  2. Privacy protection
  3. Prevention of confidential information leaks
7.Social contribution
  1. Contribution to society and local communities
8.Business continuity planning
  1. Business continuity plan formulation and preparation
9.Deployment within the company and the supply chain
  1. CSR activity systems and their deployment within the company
  2. CSR activity systems and their deployment within the company's supply chain

Alps Alpine Responsible Corporate Action Guidelines (guidelines for responsible business conduct) (Japanese/English) [PDF]