Customer Satisfaction

Alps Alpine sells Alpine brand navigation systems and audio products for automobiles.
More than 90 million vehicles are manufactured worldwide every year, each one representing something unique and special to its owner.
Alpine brand products must therefore be developed from a customer's perspective so car owners will use and value them as integral to their prize possessions.

The Customer's Perspective in Product Creation

 Customer support services are the most direct point of contact between customers and Alpine. The company endeavors to improve the quality of its customer support services primarily through operator training. While protecting customer privacy, valuable feedback is shared throughout the company to be applied in product development, quality improvements and even decision-making by management.

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services

 Information centers (customer support centers) fielding 250-300 calls a day receive questions from customers and also a lot of requests and suggestions. This feedback forms the basis for regular discussions between service staff, who actually interact with the customer, and other relevant personnel. Together they bring about improvements to the new product creation process, to product features and specifications, and to websites.
 While protecting customer privacy, valuable feedback is shared throughout the company to be applied in product development and quality improvements, and to assist in making management decisions that will benefit customers.

Two-Way Communication with Customers

Two-Way Communication with Customers

User's Room
on the Alpine website

 Group company Alpine Electronics Marketing provides Internet-based communication services to strengthen relations with customers. User's Room is a website feature tailored to individual customers that provides information, services and support to help them get more comfort and enjoyment out of their car.
 Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are also used for engaging in more dynamic and open communication with customers.

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Official Twitter >> ALPINE_JP

Extensive After-Sales Service

 We deliver extensive after-sales service to ensure customers are satisfied both before and after purchasing an Alpine brand product.
 Alpine Electronics Marketing provides answers to customers' questions and concerns on its website, making available information on vehicle compatibility and system connections, operating instructions, frequently asked questions and more. There is also a service that delivers navigation map data updates, the latest expressway information and other useful information to registered customers.
 To avoid inconveniencing customers in the event they experience problems with purchased products, Alpine Customers Service offers quick repairs in as little as three days (including two days for round-trip shipping). For customers who visit one of our service centers, a reservation-only "one-stop service" repairs products right away. And as requested by customers, temporary replacements are available for some models during repairs.
 We will continue to make every effort to provide services responding to the needs of customers.