Information Security

Policy on Information Management

 The Alps Alpine Group recognizes it has a social responsibility to rigorously manage customer and supplier information (including private information about individuals) as classified information together with its own information. As basic policies, we maintain that we will not inappropriately disclose information to parties outside the company; that we will not use information for non-business purposes; and that, except in special circumstances, we forbid information being taken outside the company.
 These basic policies are included in a set of information management regulations that apply to all group companies in Japan and overseas and are made known to the entire workforce from officers to regular employees.

Information Security Basic Policy [PDF]

Information Security

 Within the Alps Alpine Group, the information systems department heads activities for establishing regulations related to information security as well as the rollout of measures to strengthen in this regard and the holding of employee training on such measures, in addition to engaging in secure information management worldwide through coordination with information officers at each department.
 Moreover, in order to confirm the status of information management policies and make improvements, each year the Company assesses the results and issues pertaining to information management and training by conducting information management audits at each department. The information systems department also examines the status of operation, maintenance, and corrective measures of information and security systems for business audits, as well as preventing the leakage and falsification of information, maintaining the stable operation of information systems, and ensuring that the Company is well equipped to combat cyberattacks and other threats that are becoming increasingly sophisticated as of late.
 Furthermore, the Company has introduced new regulations and guidelines in response to the heightening awareness of privacy protection in recent years and the resulting enactment and amendment of various laws (the Revised Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU law on data protection), and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)).