Social Contribution

 The roots of manufacturing lie in monozukuri, encompassing all aspects of product creation, and passing on the wonders of monozukuri to younger generations, who represent the future, is an important social responsibility of Alps Alpine and a process we believe will bring about electronics industry development and sustainable development of society as a whole. Through monozukuri, Alps Alpine will make a difference to society.

Ota monozukuri Science School

Ota Monozukuri Science School

 Alps Alpine Headquarters has co-hosted the Ota monozukuri Science School with Tokyo’s Ota Ward since November 2003 with 2,241 children having taken part so far in 146 workshops (as of July 31, 2018).

Gochamaze Collaboration Event

Gochamaze Collaboration Event

 Alpine Electronics Iwaki hosted a "Gochamaze Collaboration Event" with NPO Social Design Works in June 2019. A total 59 people took part. People with disabilities and people with varied backgrounds and personalities were jumbled together (gochamaze) with company employees to work on building original speakers from cardboard. The process of making something provided an excellent opportunity to consider diversity through interaction with people from different walks of life.

Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework

Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework

 The Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework is a state-run project that aims to establish fresh industrial foundations as a way to revive industry in the Hama-dori area and other districts of Fukushima Prefecture that was lost in the wake of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent nuclear power plant disaster. Alps Alpine participates in the robotics aspect of this project, putting forward a range of technology proposals looking ahead to the creation of better living environments for the community. (Pictured is the Alpine booth at Robot Festa Fukushima 2018.)

Parent-and-Child monozukuri Workshop

Parent-and-Child Monozukuri Workshop

 In July 2019, Wuxi Alps Electronics held a parent-and-child monozukuri workshop attended by around 30 people comprising employees and their families. The objectives of the workshop were to get children interested in monozukuri by communicating the joy of making things and allowing family members to bond. After a tour of the plant, parents and children worked together to build a drone. Participants let out shouts of delight on seeing their completed drones flying through the air. The joys of monozukuri were successfully conveyed.